BusinessDevelopmentCoach helps you transform
your business so that it serves you – not the other
way around.

When you decide to transform your business by
working with BusinessDevelopmentCoach we will
meet by phone for scheduled meetings usually two
to three times a month. These one-on-one meetings
will be designed to clarify critical issues, design
alternative strategies and decide on steps to be
taken. Using the tested materials of
E-Myth Mastery
you will work ON the business to “bring back your
dream.” What will happen when and who will be
working on the issues will be decided and a plan for
moving forward will be developed and agreed upon
in each meeting. Each meeting will include decisions
about how the documentation and implementation
will be accomplished – you may wish to delegate
some of it or you may not. You will have on-going
help between scheduled meetings by e-mail and fax.
In urgent situations we will be in touch by phone as

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