The BusinessDevelopmentCoach was founded by
Steve Edkins, entrepreneur, trainer, salesman and
small business advocate. Working with owners of
small businesses for over twenty-five years
provided Steve insights about why some owners
succeed and others struggle. Advising and
consulting in the employee benefit and financial
planning areas gave Steve opportunities to see how
business owners really want to build a business that
serves the customer and the employees. But, all too
often something was missing.

The recurring question Steve encountered was
“What is missing?” And while what was missing in
every small business is different, it is really the
same. What is missing is a way to consistently repeat
the customers’ experience. The lack of consistency
creates chaos. It can often create a never-ending
cycle of frustrations for everyone – the customer,
the employees and the owner! It has its roots in
every area of the business from marketing to
finance and from sales to operations.

    •  One business owner was challenged about
    maintaining a flow of prospective customers
    that his sales people could call on, make
    presentations and secure new business.

    •  Another business owner asked
    why every time he thought his business
    was poised to grow his managers would
    not meet his expectations and the
    anticipated growth would not happen.

    Business owners would often talk about the
    need for low-cost but high-impact help in all
    areas of a small business. By completing the E-
    Myth Consultant Certification training in 1998,
    Steve expanded the tools available for helping
    owners “bring back the dream.”

    In helping to transform a business, Steve
    works with the owner in a logical and
    systematic way. Certain foundational work is
    done to provide the platform for effective
    strategy development and tactical
    implementation. Always the question remains:
    is this what the business owner really wants?
    If the answer continues to be a “yes” then the
    effort to change the business makes more

    The logic of the business development system
    emerges in a way that redirects the owner’s
    work into ever more productive areas. This
    energy becomes a powerful source of
    motivation for the business owner as the
    vision becomes increasingly realized. The
    business owner and Steve enjoy this energy
    and motivation as the business changes.
    “Bringing back the dream” to the business
    owner is a powerful, transformational
    experience for the business owner and for the
    Business Development Coach.

Often a business owner wants to “fix just one thing.”
While this often sounds like it makes sense, the
many parts of a successful business are so
connected one to the other that an integrated
approach must be taken to achieve long term
impact. Steve discovered that in spite of an
abundance of self-training materials, seminars,
special consultants and multi-day evaluations and
training, business owners still do not create the
businesses they want.

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