". . . .we are creating a business that works. . . "

    A practice that enriched my passion and joy of
    veterinary medicine was not happening. A business
    that could work for our clients and patients as well
    as our staff and veterinarians was my vision. The
    insights, experience and guidance of the Business
    Development Coach are helping me transform my
    vision into reality. Thanks to your help, we are
    creating a business that works for me, instead of
    the other way around.

    John W. Weiner, DVM
    Pleasant Valley Veterinary Care, P.C.

". . . . helped me take back a significant piece
       of my life . . . . . "

    Your coaching helped me take back a significant
    piece of my life immediately when I realized that my
    work and my business should serve my life, not vice

    Thanks to your coaching, I began to feel smart just
    for doing the work and learning what I learned.

    I’ve worked as a consultant for fifteen years and
    know well the pitfalls and foibles of the trade.I
    admire your coaching style, particularly because
    you listen when others might talk. Your lack of a
    bias or an agenda other than that of helping has
    been refreshing.

    John B. Mahaffie
    Leading Futurists, LLC

"The company continues to grow."

    "...we have been able to extract ourselves almost
    completely from the everyday work and can focus
    on strategic issues. The company continues to

    Chris Alleyne, CEO

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